At Sonali Devesh, we believe skin and hair care is an extension of self love. Growing up, I was enamored by the world of beauty: creating concotions from spices, herbs, seeds and oils available to me became an exciting hobby. Ultimately , I started equating clear skin with organic homemade recipes. While dabbling in various at-home beauty treatments, my source of inspiration was always my grandmother. She introduced me to homemade beauty recipes and the world of Ayurveda; An ancient Indian health wisdom that is holistic, preventative and curative. Remedies from the practice of Ayurveda are listed for skin rejuvenation and a clear, radiant complexion. Beauty secrets were passed down from generation to generations.

I decided to turn my hobby into a driven relationship with clients like you, who want to prioritize their skin and hair health. My immense faith in this system led me to launch my product line: Sonali Devesh Ayurvedic skin and hair care in the year 1998 along with working as a freelance beauty therapist and eventually collaborating with a yoga studio to open my own spa. As an Aesthetician, I’ve spent over 20 years crafting my skills, so that you walk away with glowing skin while feeling relaxed and well informed about your home-care beauty rituals.

The most popular amongst my treatments are the Oxygen Brightening Treatment, non-invasive face-lift and lymphatic drainage treatment. All the unique treatments are designed to honor your skin requirements and to nurture you from within. The core concept of my services is to maintain your skin - health for a glowing complexion. I’m a huge proponent for using natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredients that harness the power of nature and I have been setting safer standards while offering holistic facial massage techniques with the combination of non-invasive technologies. I believe in empowering women of all ages and ethnicities with their natural beauty that shines through their wellbeing.